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BPM is a nationally recognized, boutique, management consulting firm, with locations in Boston, New York and Washington. We maintain specialty practices in business performance re-engineering, e-commerce, systems integration, knowledge management, data warehousing, and  information security. 

BPM distinguishes itself by committing to and delivering breakthrough performance. By this we mean order of magnitude (not incremental) value. We target this bold objective because we truly have the unique expertise to deliver. We hold ourselves accountable to this measurable standard of excellence.

BPM resources are recognized experts in their respective fields. Our principals have been past CIOs and/or VP systems integration of Fortune 50 organizations.  Each BPM Associate is an owner, with over 20 years experience in IT. Consequently, we are deeply committed to achieving extraordinary results for our clients. 

Our philosophy is to deploy only the absolute best talent, surgically skilled in the problem at hand. We recognize that such a philosophy yields orders of magnitude more value than any alternative. That is why our goal is nothing less than breakthrough performance.

BPM principals are  systems and performance experts, each having practiced substantially in this area. What this means is we have extensive experience and proven methodologies to analyze systems, isolate bottlenecks, model the impact of alternative solutions and implement only the required approach. Further, we are business pragmatists. Though rooted deeply in IT expertise, we apply a business orientation to each solution. We work in small teams in partnership with our clients. We are aware of no other firm with the depth and breadth of our capabilities in this area. We know of no other firm that guarantees breakthrough performance on every project.

The commitment to breakthrough performance is backed by a history of success. Our principals have accomplished this for dozens of clients including Fannie Mae, Cable and Wireless, Bell Atlantic, MCI, Sprint,  JP Morgan, State Street Bank,  the National Securities Clearing Corporation, Nortel, Hyperion Financials, Capital One, Image Business Systems,  Hitachi, Olivetti, IBM, Prime Computer, Lucent, McKesson Corporation and others.

We are a small, focused, expert, high performance team. We also have access to a network of systems integration and other professionals to carry through on larger scale implementations, if and when required. We are results oriented, business pragmatists who carry a deeply held passion for excellence and teaming.

We invite you to learn more about our practice.