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Professional and

Business Experience


With over 25 years of senior management consulting and information architecture for large companies in regulated industries (financial and pharmaceutical), Mr. Emmerich is accomplished in the area of strategic business productivity improvement (utilizing both process and technology innovation) while enhancing regulatory compliance.  He has extensive experience in systems planning, design and implementation in the areas of rule-based business intelligence, data warehousing, data quality management, knowledge management, document and workflow management, and collaboration systems and technologies. He also has extensive large-scale project and program management expertise.  Mr Emmerich has significant experience analytics, in business process re-engineering, performance and capacity management, contract and vendor management. He has executive level communication skills and board room depth and presence.  With respect to regulatory compliance, several recent projects have involved flexible codification of regulatory rules deriving from multiple regulatory agencies (e.g. SEC, Federal Reserve, FDA).  Recent solution offerings have included Pharmaceutical marketing and sales intelligence systems, Pharma vigilance, clinical trial optimization, competitive and business intelligence, product pipeline opportunity identification, and clinical trial intelligence. 


Business Performance Management, Inc, Senior Associate 2004

Provides project leadership, business process re-engineering and technical consulting on projects pertaining to matters described above.



Ness Technologies, VP of Client Services for Emerging Technologies 2001-03

For $300 million consulting firm specializing in information management solutions for

the Life Sciences and non-profit Industry Associations industries, Mr. Emmerich has solution architecture, consulting delivery, and business management responsibility for the following practice areas:



Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Information Architecture.

 Sample Project:  For a very large Industry Association, Mr. Emmerich delivered all elements of an enterprise DW, BI and data quality management infrastructure (including ROI justification, selection of tools, performance-driven data modeling, and rollout/deployment).



Knowledge Management, Portals, and Collaboration

Sample Project:  For emerging pharmaceutical firm, Mr. Emmerich led delivery of a product intelligence platform to enable capture of external information sources (e.g. patents, peer-reviewed research results, chemical and biological reference data), and facilitated capture and collaboration around key metadata,  pertinent to screening of compounds for the product pipeline.



Document Management, Business Process, Workflow Management

Sample Project:  For emerging pharmaceutical firm, Mr. Emmerich led delivery of a validated, Web-enabled business process-centric user interface to Documentum to support pre-clinical SOP development and usage, which enjoyed a 2500-seat worldwide deployment.







Professional and

Business Experience





Parallogic Inc., Founder and CEO.  1989-2001           


Data warehouse consulting and product firm specializing in delivering high-performance data warehousing/business intelligence solutions for customer relationship management, equity and debt portfolio management, medical instrumentation validation, and other enterprise data warehousing needs requiring highest-performance data acquisition and analysis.  Specialized in later years on a systematic data quality management product called DataTrust which works in conjunction with the ETL process (re-branded under the name Q-SPAN Information Systems Inc.).  Personally led product development, partnership strategy, sales/marketing, and oversaw all administrative and consulting functions.  Clients included Citibank, J.P. Morgan, Fidelity Investments, Nellie Mae Corporation, Sotheby’s, Bayer Corporation, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Security Agency,,, Cambridge Energy Research Associates, and many other mid-large size organizations.  Assets sold and employees transferred in June, 2000.




Alliant Computer Systems Corporation, Director of Operating Systems. 1986-1989


 For a mini-supercomputer vendor offering specialized compilers and hardware support for automated vector- and parallel-processing of scientific applications, Steve was responsible for R&D, quality assurance, and field delivery of UNIX-based and real-time operating systems, networking, and peripherals development for multi-processor, parallel-, and vector-processing mini-supercomputers.  Technically led the efforts for real-time, multi-threading, and parallel disk strategies.  Developed and institutionalized coordination strategies with marketing organization for operating

system product requirements.




Alliant, General Manager of 3rd-Party Software, Training, and Consulting.


Started and managed Profit-and-Loss center for Custom/Specials Engineering, Applications Consulting, 3rd-Party Software, and Training organizations.  Grew them into $2 million business that was the fastest growing segment of the corporation's overall business.  Developed product lines and marketing/sales programs for each of these groups.  Developed protocols for coordinating Specials Engineering with core R&D engineering, and Applications Consulting with the sales organization's benchmarking groups.  Managed 10 PhD's and several support personnel in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Computational Chemistry, Electronic Design Automation, Seismic Sciences, and Mathematics.  Group produced algorithmic innovations in parallel forms of linear equation solution, as well as unique tools for global dependency analysis within programs for detecting and applying parallelism, that achieved industry-wide recognition in the field of parallel computation.


Professional and

Business Experience






























Technical  Expertise























Encore Computer Corporation, 1983-1986

Start-up holding company for several computing product companies building a unified set of computing products (workstations, servers, terminal servers) around emerging microprocessor, UNIX, and networking standards.


Assistant to Chief Operating Officer. Aided founder Henry Burkhardt with organizational planning and coordination of external technical resources.  Evaluated technical proposals and business plans submitted by outside entrepreneurs to Encore for investment consideration.  Proposed and guided consolidation of Divisions into single operational structure.  Selected 3rd party software vendors to provide compilers and other systems software corporate-wide, and performed contract negotiations with key software suppliers.


Assistant to Chief Technical Officer. Assistant to Chief Technical Officer (Gordon Bell) for software product definition, operating systems architecture, and UNIX strategy for large-scale parallel processors, workstations, and network communications computers. Responsible for UNIX Systems V and 4.2BSD multi-threading efforts for multi-processor server systems.  Led cross-divisional team of software managers selecting appropriate operating systems technology for all products.  Developed product definition and implementation strategies for interconnect strategies to PCs, mainframes, and public data networks.  Hired lead development managers for operating systems and communications products.


Bolt, Beranek and Newman Inc., Director of OS Development 1981-1983

Within computer-company subsidiary building and marketing a 32-bit UNIX computer as a lower-cost, fast alternative to the VAX/750, responsible for software, firmware, and hardware development for proprietary minicomputer including UNIX operating system, languages, database system, and data communications.  Managed 15 software and hardware engineers and $1.6 million budget.  Coordinated customers support and training.  Staffed and managed internal computer center.


Knowledge/Document Management:

   Documentum, Clear Forest, Inxight, Mohomine, Engenium


CRM/Database Marketing Packages:

Pivotal eRelationship (extensive), Siebel Sales and Marketing (light)


Data Integration/Warehousing Tools:

      Extraction/Transformation/Loading tools (Microsoft DTS, Informatica, Ascential, Sagent, Data Junction), OLAP and relational query and reporting tools (Cognos, Business, Objects, Brio, Microstrategy, Crystal Reports)



MS SQL Server (Modeling, Transact-SQL, Physical Tuning, Administration)

Oracle (Modeling, PL/SQL), Sybase (Modeling, Transact-SQL, Physical Tuning)

Object and process (UML), Data (ERD and dimensional)

Tools (ERWin, Rational, Visual UML, Data Architect).


Programming/ Operating Systems:

C (20 years), VB (4 years), C++ (4 years),  Java (1 year),  Windows NT/XP (7 years), UNIX/Solaris/HP-UX (25 years)


B.A., Yale University, 1978.  Major:  Computer Science.  Minor:  Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics.